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Eat the Rich, but slowly.

What if groups of people could create their own digital currency, voting democratically on monetary policy and membership, while also able to trade with other groups?    

Explore the Simulation

Change the group size slider to restart the simulation.  When people collide, they trade with each other.   With the slider on, FairShare stabilizes inequality. Turn it off and watch the rich get richer.  Play with the sliders to test different incomes and transaction fees. 

Discord Bot Commands

/join - request to join the group
/candidates - view candidates who have requested to join
/endorse - submit an endorsement for a candidate
/unendorse - unendorse a candidate
/delegate_endorsements - delegate your endorsing power to another user
/undelegate_endorsements - undelegate your endorsing power from another user
/strike - submit a vote towards removing a user from the group
/balance - check your current balance
/rates - view current transaction fee and daily income
/stats - view group stats like transaction volume, number of members, etc.
/settings - view group settings like currency name, feed channel, etc.
/vote - submit a vote for a new transaction fee and daily income
/my_vote - view your current vote
/tally - view the current voting results
/send - pay another user in your group
/recent - view your transactions over the past week
/exchanges - view exchange options out of your group
/transfer - create a coupon to be redeemed in a different group's currency
/redeem - redeem a payment coupon
/market - view market items
/market_add - add a market item
/market_remove - remove a market item
/withdraw - voluntarily withdraw from the group
/exchange_add - add an exchange pair with an outside user (advanced)
/exchange_update - fund an existing pair with an outside user, or adjust the rate (advanced)
/my_exchanges - view exchange pairs that you are a part of (advanced)
/exchange_withdraw - withdraw funds from an exchange pair (advanced)
/exchange_withdraw_fees - withdraw earned fees from an exchange pair (advanced)


Try experimental version on Discord

To get your ServerID:

Go to Discord User Settings:


Turn on 'Developer Mode'

Go back and right click on your server icon and click 'Copy ID'

To get your admin role ID: 

Go to your server settings:


Right click on your admin role and click 'Copy ID'

Thanks for submitting! 

We will email you once you are able to setup the bot in your server!

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