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Print your own Money

FairShare is an alternative currency allowing a community to print its own money by creating a basic income funded by a simple transaction tax.  Different community currencies can be exchanged with each other or with other currencies, enabling global trade.  In this new model, mutual trust forms the basis for the supply of money, rather than artificial scarcity.      

Free Market Simulation


Everyone starts with the same amount of money.  When people collide, they buy or sell something from each other. Their wealth is shown by their size and color, with red people being poorer and green people being richer.  Over time, even though the people are identical, the rich get steadily richer simply because they can give or get more than the poor with each transaction.       

To stabilize inequality while providing a daily income, increase the transaction fee.  A small transaction fee provides a daily income and stops inequality from growing too large. 


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Discord Bot Commands

/join - request to join the group
/candidates - view candidates who have requested to join
/endorse - submit an endorsement for a candidate
/unendorse - unendorse a candidate
/delegate_endorsements - delegate your endorsing power to another user
/undelegate_endorsements - undelegate your endorsing power from another user
/strike - submit a vote towards removing a user from the group
/balance - check your current balance
/rates - view current transaction fee and daily income
/stats - view group stats like transaction volume, number of members, etc.
/settings - view group settings like currency name, feed channel, etc.
/vote - submit a vote for a new transaction fee and daily income
/my_vote - view your current vote
/tally - view the current voting results
/send - pay another user in your group
/recent - view your transactions over the past week
/exchanges - view exchange options out of your group
/transfer - create a coupon to be redeemed in a different group's currency
/redeem - redeem a payment coupon
/market - view market items
/market_add - add a market item
/market_remove - remove a market item
/withdraw - voluntarily withdraw from the group
/exchange_add - add an exchange pair with an outside user (advanced)
/exchange_update - fund an existing pair with an outside user, or adjust the rate (advanced)
/my_exchanges - view exchange pairs that you are a part of (advanced)
/exchange_withdraw - withdraw funds from an exchange pair (advanced)
/exchange_withdraw_fees - withdraw earned fees from an exchange pair (advanced)

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